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MAY 27th - JUNE 3rd, 2021

Thinking about your next big scuba adventure? We got you!

Let us do all the planning for you to take you to your DREAM dive destination...

Send us your name and email to get the full details, a $1200 discount plus amazing bonuses that you won't see anywhere else.

What's in it for you?

  • 8 days / 7 nights on board of the same yacht the BBC used to film their next ocean documentary

  • 20+ dives, 6 dives in each of the famous Darwin and Wolf Islands

  • 2 Hotel nights & Airport transfers

  • Free Nitrox

  • Covid Guarantee

  • The Scuba Memories Keeper

  • $1200 discount

  • And much more...



If you are after some serious scuba adventure...

Look no further. You've found it!


The Galapagos Islands are quite possible the greatest scuba adventure in the world!

This exclusive Galapagos Expedition Group gives you access to areas visited only for more experienced divers such as the famous Wolf and Darwin Islands.

You'll get on board the same yacht the BBC used to film their next ocean documentary to explore the Galapagos Marine Park, see incredible wildlife, indulge in the large sundeck with jacuzzi and bar area and enjoy more than 20 dives for 8 days and 7 nights.

You will have the opportunity to interact with hundreds of sharks, school of hammerheads, huge whale sharks, oceanic manta rays, marine iguanas, sea lions, large schools of fishes, mola molas and even humpback whales. All that in the same place!

A maximum number of 14 people, 2 dive guides and 11 crew members make sure you'll get a very professional experience and have constant support on this breath-taking and unforgettable journey.

If you ever dreamed to dive the Galapagos Islands. This is the time! 


Click the button below, apply to the expedition NOW and get a $1200 discount plus amazing bonuses seen nowhere else.


Why should you choose the Galapagos Expedition Group

This expedition is different from anything you've seen. For us is not only a tourist activity, rather a way to experience the true essence of diving, a place where we go to explore, discover and escape the stress and rigours of our everyday lives. It is the ultimate diving gateway!

For many, a trip to Galapagos represents a once in a lifetime type of adventure. We understand that and for that same reason, we want you to experience a truly unforgettable experience.

That's why we've added some very special and amazing bonuses such as The Scuba Memories Keeper, the covid guarantee, and much more... 

This bonuses are for everyone that join the expedition and you won't see them anywhere else.

Plus, we will organise everything for you, You just have to get there and we'll take care of the rest.


Click the button below, APPLY NOW and get a $1200 discount plus amazing bonuses that you won't see anywhere else.

Selection Criteria

Scuba diving in the Galapagos can be a bit more challenging with stronger currents and colder waters. Therefore, it's not for everyone and with limited numbers we want to ensure we take people who will get the most out of this experience.

You have to be be comfortable with strong currents and cold waters, a wetsuit of at least 5mm is needed. However 7mm and hood is strongly recommend it.

You must have at least 50 logged dives and a Nitrox certification. (If you don't have this certification, it can be arranged 100% online before the start of the expedition, so not to worry about that).

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The Galapagos Expedition Group

Click the button below, apply to the expedition by sending us your name, email and answering a couple of quick questions. And we will get back to you with all the details of the expedition. How it works, the bonuses, the discount, what we are doing, what's included and what's not, etc.

Make sure you check your email inbox. You will get an email from Seabass Diving with everything you need to know about the Galapagos Islands and a link to book an appointment if you wish to talk to a real person to answer your questions. If you don't see the email, check your spam/junk folder.

I'd recommend you to act fast. Applications are accepted in order received and there's only 4 places left. And with this incredible price an added value we think is going to fill up fast.

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