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Learn to Scuba Dive Today!

Scuba Diving could be the greatest adventure of your life. It can change your life for the better and it will give you memories that will last a lifetime.
Challenge yourself  to experience the exciting feeling of breathing underwater and to discover the unthinkable underwater world.
Can you do it?

Here are the steps on how you can become a scuba diver who is competent, comfortable underwater and confident in your abilities.

So you can enjoy every dive, have fun while being safe and come back to the surface with a big smile in your face and ready to do it again.

Scuba Diving is exciting and fun for different reasons

and have multiple benefits

Most of people start diving as a new challenge.

To defy nature by breathing underwater.

To hop on the adventure of exploring and discover parts of the world that not many gets to see.

A change of everyday life and to create an experience you can look back on.

Also, because it is fun. Diving can be enjoyed year round. It's social, you will always meet new people who you will share your diving stories and adventures and you will make friends that can last forever.

It's for you that you love nature and the ocean. You are want of those people that can’t wait to get into the water every time you are by the sea. You want to see and interact with marine life and learn about the underwater environment. Maybe you'd like a career in marine science and conservation!

Others use it as an escape of this relentless world and a stress reliever. Let me picture you this:


You are underwater, weightless. The only thing you can hear is your breathing. No cars, no horns, no cell phones, no shouting.

Focusing on your breathing, you become more relaxed. Your mind travels - for some, meditation kicks in - and you are soon connected as part of this completely different and amazing world.


While you experience this feeling, you get to see things that you would never imagine could exist.


If that’s you, now is the time to take things further so you can have a closer look at what lies beneath the ocean’s glittering surface

You Can Become a Scuba Diver with the

Open Water Diver Certification 

The Open Water Diver Course is the entry level into the diving sport. This globally-recognized certification program is the best way to begin your life-long adventure as a certified scuba diver so you can safely dive anywhere in the world without the direct supervision of an instructor.


  • 10 to 14 years old for Junior Open Water Diver Course

  • 15 and older for Open Water Diver Course (Younger than 18 years old require parental consent).

  • You are medically fit for diving. (Download the Medical statement form here. You should answer NO to all the questions if you have a YES, we recommend to visit your physician).

  • Being able to swim. As a requisite for your Open Water Diver certification you will have to swim 200 mts freestyle, no specific time required and float for 10 minutes.

The Open Water Certification is divided in 3 parts 

These are:

  • Academic development - through our online training

  • In-water training sessions in pool like conditions - Where you will develop all the skills required so you can become truly comfortable and confident underwater

  • Open Water training dives (4) - Where you will apply the new skills you have learnt during your academic and in-water training sessions. You will practice and gain experience in real like conditions while we explore the underwater world.

Step 1: Academic Development through Online Training

The Academic Development is an integral part of becoming a Scuba Diver and it should not be taken lightly. However, the course has been simply designed to be fully understood for all of us. So, not to worry about it.


During this part of the course you will learn all the necessary skills and knowledge to become a safe, comfortable and skilled scuba diver. such as:


  • The physics and physiology related to scuba diving. Pressure and how this affect your body, the concept of buoyancy, etc.

  • The aquatic environment - vision, sound, heat loss, tides, currents, etc.

  • Dive equipment, how to assembly, use it and maintenance.

  • Dive planning and the No Decompression Limit (NDL)

  • The skills that you need to put to the test in your in-water pool training sessions.

  • Underwater life.

You can complete this phase by signing up for the online training. The e-Learning course works in mobile and tablet devices, with the MySSI App and is available for Android and iOS. You can, also, download the e-Learning material, so you can work through it offline or online from anywhere. If you desire to work from your desktop or laptop you can do it by logging into your SSI account.


You will start by self studying at your own pace and convenience. You will answer the section reviews of all the 6 chapters and then we will meet via Zoom to review all the class to make sure you ace that final exam.

Step 2: In-water Training sessions in pool like conditions

This practical training will walk you through,step by step, the process that will help you to become a safe and comfortable diver. This part of the course will take place in a swimming pool or similar body of confined water with "pool like conditions", under the direct supervision of your Instructor, to practice and develop underwater and surface skills that you need to become a certified Scuba Diver.

Start slowly in the surface to get you used to and comfortable with breathing underwater. You will be surprised by how natural it becomes!


Underwater, you will work through all the skills needed to become a certified diver. Until they become natural enough so they can be performed in the open water dives.


On the surface, your instructor will brief you about the skills that will going to be performed in that particular session.


Underwater, your instructor demonstrates the skills slowly, step by step, so you can perform them yourself by copying and following what your instructor just did.

By the end of this in-water training sessions, you will know how to deal with the water inside of your mask if it leaks (basically by blowing through your nose while looking up and holding the top frame of the mask against your forehead), what to do in an out of air situation, and how to control your buoyancy, how to choose, assembly and check your equipment, and much more!

Step 3: The Open Water Dives

Last step of the course. You will be doing 4 open water dives, which is the requirement to become a certified Scuba Diver.


These dives are the last step towards your certification. You will demonstrate and apply the skills that you’ve learned during your academic and in-water training sessions and with your instructor you will get to explore, gain confidence and experience through real life experience in the open water.

When you finish your Open Water Diver certification you will be a competent and comfortable scuba diver, ready to plan your own dives with your buddy, so you can go diving anywhere in the world, up to 18 meters of depth (12 meters for Junior Open Water), without the direct supervision of an instructor.

What's Next

You might be wondering is the course online good? Am I going to get all the knowledge that I should get? What If I have questions, doubts, etc?

I know how you feel, actually, I felt the same. Up until recently. That I figured when you are on holidays the last thing you want to do after a couple of dives is to get into a classroom to watch, videos or study diving theory. All the people want to do something more fun.

As this e-Learning material has become so good, with reading materials and very comprehensive videos. I've come to the realisation that all those big printed books (that you don't want to carry with you), all that time spent in a classroom instead of enjoying yourself are all a thing of the past.

By enrolling in e-Learning, you will complete all the theory before you get to your diving destination, so you can make the most out of your holidays either spending more time in the water training, more time learning from your instructor, chilling on the beach or having some beers/cocktails at the end of the day, talking about how awesome diving is.

When enrolling to the online training, you will have access to video training that I'll send you once you join the course. So you can understand better the most important parts of the scuba diving theory.

And to make sure you have all the academics on point, we will book a Q&A zoom call, where you can ask all your questions. So make sure you take notes, with all your questions and doubts. I'd like YOU to ask everything, rather than me just doing a presentation.

After that, you will be more than ready to complete your final exam successfully.

The best part is that you get to keep the online material forever, if some time has passed and you forgot something you can always go back and check your knowledge again. 

And when you are ready to complete the rest of the training of the full open water course, you can do it in any SSI dive centre of the world and it will be discounted of the total price of the full course.

Obviously, I'd love if you do it with me.

You can start NOW with the Online Training

And here's how to join

Click Enrol Now and complete the order.


Go here to register your SSI account and choose Gili Pirates Dive as your Training Centre

Once the order is completed, I'll email you the instructions on how to start the course, a video training and how to book your zoom call.



  • The SSI Digital training materials. Available on desktop/laptop and android/iOS devices

  • Training Videos, with the most important part of the scuba diving theory

  • Q&A Zoom call

  • Online support and mentoring

  • Online training is discounted from the total price of the full Open Water Course

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